Answers rather than data

At a recent event themed ‘The era of answers’ in Amsterdam, Every Angle launched the new version of what the company calls a self-service business intelligence solution for SAP users. Fittingly, the software supplier had invited neuroscientist Andy Habermacher as keynote speaker. “High complexity combined with stress reduces a person’s capacity and intelligence,” said Habermacher in his interactive presentation.


Habermacher not only allowed his audience to experience for themselves how quickly the human brain can work when it comes to physical and emotional wellbeing, but also that the brain soon finds tasks such as number sequences too complex and actually does not want to be activated.

He did so by first showing a film which caused a shock reaction. “Your body doesn’t make extensive preparations for a shock reaction. You do it without thinking,” said Habermacher. He illustrated how lazy the brain actually is by asking the audience to count backwards from 276 subtracting 18 each time. A few Every Angle users made a valiant attempt, counting out loud: “276, 258, 240,…” but most of the audience did not even bother to try.

Open secret

After a couple of similar demonstrations, the message was loud and clear: number sequences soon become too complex for the average person. Hence, software systems are used to increase organisations’ ability to ‘think’. Many companies rely on SAP as their source of integrated business information. However, it is an open secret that it can be very difficult to extract the right reports from SAP, which is why many SAP users utilise additional software tools such as Every Angle.

Every Angle enables users to conduct analysis based on both SAP master data and transactional data, and to make the desired connections without involving the IT department. It transforms transactional data obtained from various processes (purchasing production, sales, maintenance, finance, HR and IT) into analytical overviews. “The solution conceals SAP’s complexity,” comments Fred Hermans, CEO of Every Angle. “End users can conduct their own in-depth analyses, identify root causes and take the right action, leading to improvements in the company’s profitability.”

Google-like searches

Hans Veltman of Every Angle presented the new release

Hans Veltman of Every Angle presented the new release

The new release, called Every Angle Squared, is once again defined by search functionality for business-related questions. This version not only provides the opportunity to conduct Google-like searches by entering keywords or questions, but also displays the various possibilities in a template (including pre-set queries). The templates have been predefined to be intuitive based on business data from Every Angle Squared. Users can also personalise the templates themselves, if they wish, without needing to have any understanding of database technology.

The data in Every Angle Squared is refreshed more frequently than in the Classic version and is purposefully ‘near real time’ rather than ‘real time’. This is because operational analysis and decisions must be based on static situations. What matters is that managers are able to obtain immediate answers to their questions – and that is something completely different from managing based on ten-second-old information. Since real-time data paints an inaccurate picture of the situation for management decisions, near-real-time information is usually the best compromise.

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