Analysing supply chain data from ERP systems

It can be difficult to distil useful analysis of purchasing, planning and logistics from complex ERP systems. To help decipher the data contained in SAP and Oracle based ERP systems, KPMG has developed a service called ‘Facts 2 Value’.

“For purchasing, supply chain, working capital and inventory analysis, we know which tables we need to use in SAP and Oracle to obtain the right data,” explains Bram Coolen, senior manager at KPMG IT Advisory. “This enables us to analyse a company’s inventory and remove the slow movers from the data, for example. Or we can evaluate payment behaviour towards suppliers and compare it against the relevant purchasing agreements. Or we can assess the planning accuracy. We not only have the right knowledge of the complex data structures in SAP/Oracle, but we also have the necessary business intelligence tools to analyse them.”

Benchmark data

Moreover, KPMG has access to benchmark data, both at general level from public sources and at detailed level from scans it has previously conducted in The Netherlands, UK, Switzerland and Denmark. The duration of a Facts 2 Value analysis can vary between two days and a couple of months, and it costs €20,000 to €30,000 on average.

The analysis is often followed by an improvement project, whereby KPMG works closely with the company and applies a number of consultancy methods such as root cause analysis and training.

KPMG IT Advisory