A new generation, a new vision of technology

Now that a new generation of professionals is taking the helm, we are seeing a clear shift in organizations’ attitudes to technology. “The focus is on speed and flexibility, which is reflected in what I like to call ‘the appification of business systems’. It’s becoming more important to have the best process rather than the best product,” says Uneco de Meester from Outperform.

“Millennials have grown up using apps and have a completely different vision of the role of data and applications. They expect a proposal for a solution. Cloud technology is a great facilitator of that. Supply chain management software and ERP initially lagged behind on adopting cloud, but that situation has changed now, and cloud-based systems and supply chain are merging into one,” says De Meester.

“That gives companies the opportunity to ‘cherry pick’. In other words, they have the chance to quickly choose and implement solutions and build a modular IT landscape. We’re even seeing that on the ERP side. Whereas the world was dominated by SAP-style foundation thinking a decade ago, Dynamics 365 is now making huge strides. The modular approach of Dynamics 365 is well aligned with the new way of thinking.”

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